Education Startup mSchool Releases Personalized Learning Guide for Math

The New Orleans-based startup mSchool has recently launched a platform to provide school leaders and teachers with a simple, reliable way to launch blended learning pilots for students. mSchool.Today guides students through math from a 3rd grade level all the way through algebra.

mSchool Content that is typically learned in six months can now be learned in just six weeks, according to mSchool site leader Dr. Kevin Brown. The pilots can also get up and running in under six hours, drastically cutting down the planning and implementation time more traditional models take.

mSchoo.Today integrates with other online learning services to automate the process of assessing students, assigning content, and adjusting pathways when progress breaks down. “We’re integrating the broad array of tools needed for a complete blended learning program into one simple, reliable service. Now teachers can focus on teaching instead of technology,” said Elliot Sanchez, CEO of mSchool.

The system, which has been in testing with students for six months, analyzes over one million data points per classroom to intervene and adjust assignments based on what has been most effective for similar students in the past, explains mSchool.

“By combining multiple programs, mSchool’s been able to intervene and make sure that students get the skills they need, regardless of the level they are starting from,” said Jamela Dermish, teacher at International High School in New Orleans. “Having worked with other programs in the past, entering and coordinating data took up a lot of my time, but mSchool took care of that automatically.”

Teachers and school administrators can create an account and sign-up for a free two week trial at http://mSchool.Today