Infographic: Mobile Market Domination

With the amount of technology becoming available to us on a daily basis, we as a society have gradually grown to be a fast-paced, multitasking bunch, focused on speed and efficiency that was never really required–or possible–beforehand.

As smartphones, tablets, and laptops become more efficient, the prospect for mobility becomes greater, as well. Employees are no longer married to their desk, meaning they could work from virtually wherever they have a connection, saving their company time and money, while making the employees far more useful now that they can work from the comforts of home.

Socially, the advances in technology mean that users can do whatever they please, wherever they want. While it might have been an inconvenience to shop mobile, once, it’s as easy as opening the browser application on an iPhone. This boom in mobile consumption of products and information is the result of user experience pacing the leaps that have been taken by tech brands, to the point where consuming information, or the buying of things, is virtually effortless.

This infographic is a look at just how mobile data consumption has exploded over the last decade, and investigates the trends in mobile usage. Most importantly, it’s provides valuable insight on how user experience is directly correlated to mobile compatibility.


Ivan Serrano is an infographic designer from the Bay Area in California. He prefers to cover business, technology and marketing.