Serial Entrepreneur Finds Success Following Recent Launch of Second Platform Wyzerr

WyzerrNatasia Malaihollo is a serial entrepreneur who just launched her second company Wyzerr, which builds customer feedback platforms for digital consumers..

Malaihollo previously founded Sooligan, a highly rated mobile app that makes it quick, easy and fun to ask questions, receive answers and get up-to-the-second tips on everything you need to know about a city from the people who know it best—the locals.

While primarily located in Berkeley, Malaihollo still keeps a quarter of her new team on the ground in New Orleans.

The team likes to say that it is big data for millennials, by millennials. Various data collection is now “fun, fast and simple” through the platform, as it helps customers capture an immense amount of actionable data in under one minute.

The platform offers a simple user experience, hyper-specific data collection, and higher completion rates than current feedback platforms. “While it’s still in the review and ratings space, we’re creating our own lane between review/ratings and customer surveys,” explains Malaihollo.

“By making our feedback process look and feel like a game, Wyzerr can obtain up to 20 detailed answers in under 60 seconds,” she continued. “Aside from our interactive user experience, our secret sauce is the technology. We ping customers with a Wyzerr survey while they are still in the store at point-of-sale.”

Wyzerr is just a few months old and already has paying customers. When asked how they do it, Malaihollo said the team is filled with hungry entrepreneurs who won’t take no for an answer. They live by the motto “if they don’t want to work with us, they will need to tell me no to my face.”