LSU and Governor Jindal Reveal Plans for Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center

LSULouisiana State University (LSU) and Gov. Bobby Jindal have announced the creation of the LSU Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center (TTCRC).

The Center will pursue both federal and commercial research projects in applied technology fields, with a target of raising $34.5 million over the initial few years. Specific reported goals are to reach at least $10 million in research contracts by Jan. 1, 2016, and $30 million in research contracts by July 1, 2017.

Gov. Jindal said, “The Transformational Technology and Cyber Research Center will help LSU attract tens of millions in new research funds while also resulting in new knowledge-based jobs in our state. This represents another great opportunity to utilize higher education partnerships to create more jobs and prepare students for Louisiana’s expanding workforce.”

TTCRC will be a joint funding effort by the State of Louisiana and LSU in a challenge grant configuration that provides $1 in state funding and $0.50 in LSU funding for each $10 in research funds the center attracts over the next three years.

Jeff Moulton, previously with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, will come on board at the Center’s first director. He will be in charge of attracting major research contracts and leveraging the university’s unique strengths in such disciplines as supercomputing, cybersecurity and nanotechnology, according to the release.

“We live in a world of unprecedented challenges,” Moulton said. “Nascent threats require innovative solutions. The Governor’s Office through LED has done a tremendous job of attracting a world-class research capability in Louisiana. LSU had the vision to commission the TTCRC, and we’ll leverage this capability to bring Louisiana’s intellectual might to the fight. I’m excited to be a part of it.”