Developer Releases Alarm Clock App That Doesn’t Stop Until You’re Actually Out of Bed

What if snoozing through your alarm was a thing of the past? A brand new app has emerged from a development startup in New Orleans that was designed to make you never be late again.

UHP Alarm ClockThe UHP Alarm Clock uses location data to make sure you actually wake up when you’re supposed to. It’s an app that can’t be fooled, explains creator Beau Babst. “UHP asks you to track a path to the place you go when you first get up in the morning — the coffee maker, the bathroom, or the front door for the newspaper. When you wake up in the morning, you have actually walk your phone there again to disarm the alarm!”

Babst founded his app development company BeauxApps about a year ago in New Orleans. “We didn’t start out as developers who wanted to make a buck on the app store,” he said. “Rather, we started normal folks drinking a beer and thinking just like everybody else, Hey, it’d be really cool if this [insert concept] were an app. Except we’re actually making them.”

UHP is their first app, built for chronic snoozers, and it’s now available in the App Store.

The app even allows users to create a “social media alarm” that will post a tweet if you manage to sleep through your alarm. “Nothing like a little social pressure to get your feet on the floor before that early morning flight or final exam,” said Babst.