365 Connect Supports New Orleans Women in Technology Organization (Again)

365 Connect Logo 365 Connect is a New Orleans-based technology platform provider for the multifamily industry. The award-winning company is also a major supporter of the New Orleans Women in Technology (WIT) organization. WIT has recently launched the first ever “Bring Your Daughter to Hack Day” event, and 365 Connect has officially come on as a partner.

Organizers said that Bring Your Daughter to Hack Day will focus on exposing youth in the New Orleans area to technology, which will include creating websites, animated short stories and games. At the end of the event, participants will present their projects to a judging panel, and a winner will be selected for each category.

The one-day workshop planned around adult-child pairs working together on their project is free and will take place on October 4th, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Launch Pad in New Orleans.

“This is by far one of the largest events we have organized to date,” said Torrie Adams, President of New Orleans WIT. “This event is special to us as it connects the youth of our city with technology, their mentors, parents and siblings. Registrations have been pouring in, which demonstrates that we have created a program of importance to our community. This event was made possible through the sponsorship of 365 Connect; they continue to be a strong supporter of WIT, the technology community and the future of our city.”

365 Connect President and CEO Kerry W. Kirby said, “365 Connect is excited to participate and sponsor this event that introduces our future technology innovators to the fundamentals of technology. Nothing is more important than fostering and inspiring our youth to engage in educational programs, and bringing families together for the day is an added benefit. New Orleans Women in Technology is doing great things in our city that will help people build a variety of skills to create a foundation for a successful career. We want the local technology community to know that we stand ready to support them, as they are a vital part of the new economy that is pushing our city into the national spotlight.”

To learn more about New Orleans WIT and other events, visit www.neworleanswit.org.