CommitChange Partners with, Provides Additional Fundraising Tools to Members

CommitChangeThe San Francisco-based company that provides nonprofits with a full suite of integrated fundraising tools, CommitChange, has just partnered with, an organization that currently serves more than 9,000 nonprofits. The partnership is designed to provide best in class fundraising tools for all participating nonprofits.

Effective yesterday (September 23), all members will have access to CommitChange at a special rate. CommitChange will also now integrate its tools alongside other services offered by

“We’re both excited and honored to be working with” says CommitChange CEO, Roderick Campbell. “Being a technical, educational, and functional fundraising resource for Grassroots members will really help us continue to build usable tools that nonprofits both want and need.” CommitChange recently released its first monthly subscription service for its core fundraising suite at $79 monthly, with further CRM and Donor Management tools becoming available soon. Roderick also noted that “Grassroots members can save hundreds of thousands in online fees since CommitChange does not an additional percentage from each donation.”

“Partnering with CommitChange was a natural fit for us.” Says Grassroots Director of Business Development Benjamin Cohen. “Their basic fundraising package offers great value at no cost, and their practice of not skimming donations makes a compelling case to our members. We’ve also implemented CommitChange for Grassroots and all our sister sites, and look forward to educating our member base on the value of CommitChange.”

In June 2014, CommitChange acquired the New Orleans-based social fundraising platform Connect for a Cause. The company hired Connect for a Cause’s founder Jason Nicosia to join CommitChange as Chief Marketing Officer, who open regional offices in area.