Envoc Revamps One-Stop-Shop Websites for Louisiana High School Football News

EnvocEnvoc is a Louisiana­-based design and software firm that provides software solutions from “conception to consumption.” As a recent undertaking, the company helped revamp the already existing RiverParishFootball.com and NolaCatholicLeague.com, both of which are news sources for high school football in the River Parishes and New Orleans area.

The company teamed with Richey on Sports, the original site creators, to enhance the site that brought in over four million page views last year alone. The sites are now easy to use, efficient, and frustration free.

According to Richey, “Envoc didn’t just give the site the professional look it needed, they did much more than that. Besides ‘cleaning it up,’ they also functionally improved the site in almost every area.”

Envoc cleaned up the layout of the site, which was said to be confusing and overwhelming. The team updated the organization and graphics of the site to be clean and consistent. The websites were also placed on a large scale Content Management System (CMS) allowing Richey to control both sites on one centralized administrative portal.

In addition to getting all the news, stats, scores and more, football players, coaches, and fans can also browse and search old footage, pictures, and articles from years past in the new Archives section.

Check out the newly designed sites at nolacatholicleague.com and riverparishfootball.com.