Fulcrum is Now Independent Division of Federated Sample

The New Orleans-based programmatic sampling network Federated Sample has announced that Fulcrum, the first open sample operating system that has been developed over the last five years, is now an independent division of the company. The divide highlights the exponential growth of programmatic sampling, according to Federated Sample.

FulcrumPatrick Comer, CEO and Founder of Federated Sample, said, “Years ago we recognized the need for enterprise procurement and fielding solutions for companies running surveys. Opening up our platform to third parties has far exceeded expectations. By focusing the Fulcrum team specifically on the technology and operating requirements of those clients, we can continue to drive efficiency, delivery, and financial ROI.”

Fulcrum is the global technology platform for the buying and selling of sample for the Market Research Industry, and is now the largest DSP (Demand-Side Platform) and exchange for the buying and selling of sample. In 2014, over 200 active buyers and sellers will transact over $40 million in over 70 countries.

Comer says industry veteran and new President leading Fulcrum has the passion, vision, and drive to continue the growth of the platform. “He was our first Fulcrum client and has led the adoption efforts of the largest research firms and sample companies over the last few years.”

“Programmatic is the future (now) of sampling, and our vision is to provide clients with solutions that fit their sampling objectives,” said Andy Ellis, President of Federated Sample. “As many firms are making the transition from manual to automated delivery, our job is to support this change. Few have the experience and knowledge that Andy has in this space.”