“Meet & Potatoes” Speed Consulting and Networking Group Launches in New Orleans

Meet and PotatoesMeet & Potatoes is a newly launched community event bringing in top local consultants for a one-on-one consulting type event for local entrepreneurs, business owners and non profits. The group wants to help small businesses and non-profits identify and mediate their specific problems and needs.

The first event will take place on October 14th at NOLA Spaces. The fee to register is $20 and organizers want to keep the kickoff event at 50 people or less to make things more personal, and to allow the consultants to really council the attendees personally.

“Ideally, we’d love to have business owners looking to grow and expand their businesses, entrepreneurs looking to start a business,” and others, explains Ariana Heintzen, a PR consultant for the event creators, the Calliope Consulting Group.

Consultants who will be at the October meeting include: Mike Hartnett (social media), Alyson Kilday (design and branding), Desiree Young (business strategy), Justin Shiels (web development), and Allyson Seitzler (SEO).

Meet & Potatoes will have a quick panel introduction that allows the consultants to introduce themselves and tell attendees about their work and how their expertise can relate back to helping other businesses. Then, attendees will break out into small groups allowing participants to ask consultants specific questions about their business and strategy needs.

To find out more or to register, visit meetandpotatoesnola.com.