Statewide Trade Association LouisianaBio Seeks Members Interested in Biotech Industry Growth

LouisianaBio, housed in the New Orleans BioInnovation Center, is the state affiliate of the world’s largest biotechnology industry trade association, the Biotechnology Industry Association. The nonprofit organization has launched a statewide search for members who are interested in growing the Louisiana biotech industry.

LouisianaBio“There are numerous benefits in joining LouisianaBio, not the least of which is the opportunity to access a purchasing program called BIO Business Solutions,” said Rhonda Melancon, executive director of LouisianaBio. “This program provides discounts to LouisianaBio members who make purchases from select companies that service the biotech industry, including companies such as VWR, Office Depot, FedEx, Business Wire, and Chubb Insurance.”

LouisianaBio also represents companies, academic institutions, research centers, and other related organizations involved in and championing the research, development and commercialization of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products and processes.

The program saved 2,700 biotech companies over $138 million in aggregate through the BIO prgoram last year alone, says officials. “The potential savings realized from using BIO Business Solutions alone should more than cover the cost of a membership in LouisianaBio,” said Melancon.

Other benefits include opportunities to network with other biotech leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and advocates across the state. “By the end of year one, our members will have a far greater understanding about the work of their colleagues in other parts of the state, and beyond, which will hopefully lead to new discussions, new collaborations, and new discoveries, creating even more bioscience success here in Louisiana.  LouisianaBio is absolutely committed to supporting our industry, serving our members, and raising the visibility of Louisiana biotechnology.”

LouisianaBio is also a member of the Council for State Bioscience Associations. For more information, visit