New Orleans-Based Company Provides Real-Time Energy Usage Data for Commercial Facilities

Entrepreneur Ray Kamal has a background in energy management and building automation. His brand new company, Entronix, has built an Energy Management Platform provides enterprise level, real-time energy usage data of commercial facilities. The company wants to take that energy usage data out of the background and give it the attention it deserves.

EntronixThe team, which includes Kamal, one sales person and four engineers, officially launched Entronix on June 1st, 2014. Their mission was to create a platform that was easy to design, easy to deploy, easy to configure, and easy to access from any device.

Entronix was funded by investor, financial adviser and entrepreneur Hugh Uhalt.

Since the team that has helped building the energy management platform has extensive experience, especially in building automation, Kamal said they have not faced many challenges to date. He is proud of the company that provides ease and simplicity of getting meaningful energy usage data out of a facility through the cloud-based software and into the hands of his customers– large commercial facilities, universities and hospitals.

When thinking about the complexity out of enterprise-grade power monitoring at both the hardware and software levels, Kamal and his team knew there was a missing piece to the puzzle. “We realized there has to be a simpler way to get this energy usage data back to the desktop,” Kamal said. “Let’s present the data in a simplified way so that even non-technical types can utilize advanced analytics. Let’s automate report generation, and email them out daily to those who need the data the most. All of which will help the facility staff become better informed about their building’s operations, and make educated decisions about the best strategies to reduce energy consumption.”

Entronix does not have any direction competition in the area. “It’s a new idea,” explained Kamal. “Hopefully it’s disruptive technology.”

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