Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 6: Which Is Best for Entrepreneurs?

Image courtesy of Social Monsters.

Image courtesy of Social Monsters.

We can all agree that few people are without a smartphone or effected by its use on a day to day basis. Pew Research reports that 56 percent of American adults are smartphone owners, and IDC notes that smartphone shipments topped one billion units worldwide. But, in a sea of devices and gadgets, which one will serve your business best? Of course you want the latest smartphone, so should you go with the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S5? Here are just a few points to consider:

The Multitasker

Although both phones feature a large screen, the iPhone 6 has an expansive 5.5 inches of space, which puts it into the phablet category. The iPhone 6 offers more display room to view documents and spreadsheets for busy entrepreneurs on the go. While you’re checking legal documents, hop on Skype for a client call, send a text or listen to music while you work. The larger screen and room to open multiple files and chat window makes conference calls and meetings stress free.

The Fish Out of Water

Don’t worry about making a big ripple in your career with the Samsung Galaxy S5. The phone repels sweat, rain, liquids and dust, allowing any outdoor entrepreneur to test water products like scuba gear or wave runners. It also makes taking an action video to post to your YouTube marketing channel a breeze. You can even take photos underwater to demonstrate how your scuba business works. The Galaxy S5 is water resistant for roughly 30 minutes, and can be submerged in three feet in water.

The Jetsetter

Jetsetting entrepreneurs who can’t spare an extra ounce of baggage or sacrifice pocket space to a bulky phone should pick up the iPhone 6. For example, if you run an online news site and need to break a story, stay incognito with the iPhone’s slim, sleek design. And, if you’re worried about the competition stealing your notes, the iPhone 6 has a fingerprint scanner to turn the phone off and on with just a touch. Soon, you also will be able to use this feature to authenticate payments through Apple Pay. When you’re done breaking the big story, buy a round of drinks for your team right from your phone.

The Athlete

If you have a lifestyle or fitness company, the Galaxy S5 is the first smartphone with a built-in heart rate sensor so you can check your heart rate while using your phone. Physical trainers can check their stats or use it to get an overview on how clients are performing. It also features an enhanced S Health personal fitness tracker. You can see how your clients’ routines have improved and monitor walking distance, calories, speed and duration.

The Shutterbug

Entrepreneurs with a stock photography company need a phone with a camera that can deliver. It’s not always possible to have all of your gear with you, and the Galaxy S5 makes it easy to take photos outdoors without worrying about it getting dirty or damaged because of its dust and water resistant features. However, keep in mind the iPhone 6 captures photos a bit better in low light, and the large display gives you the ability to see a broader view of what you’re capturing.

The Adventurer

The iPhone 6 has plenty of features for an adventure travel entrepreneur. The big screen and improved camera help take photos on the go so you can scout new locations and adventures for your company. Then, send all your notes and photos back to your staff without ever logging onto your laptop. The iPhone 6 also has ion-strengthened glass, which makes it harder to break when you’re scaling a mountain or going biking through rocky hilltops, claims Forbes. So, stress less over your screen, and focus on your getting your adventure travel company off the ground.