Local Startup Wins Nola.com Reader’s Choice Poll, Feature Article Followed

Better Day™ Health is known for its platform that is transforming clinical documentation for providers. It was one of the finalists in a reader’s choice poll about local technology firms. With 433 votes, the company was crowned winner and recipient of a feature-length article to follow.

Better Day HealthEarlier this week, the article, Readers’ tech startup pick: Taking computer time out of doctor visits with voice recognition, arrived.

In the article, author Mark Waller describes the technology startup. “[The company] has developed a system using the microphones on tablet computers and smartphones to capture key words from doctor-patient conversations and automatically populate reports with the data.”

Better Day™ Health is also featured in this week’s Baton Rouge Business Report. CEO Dr. Ragusa offering advice to entrepreneurs about competing in startup pitch contests.

More information about the company is available at betterdayhealth.com.