Workshop and Design Studio Partners with Organizations to Host Maker Bayou Kick Off Party

“The Maker Movement will be the industrial revolution of our time,” according to Chris Anderson, former editor and chief of Wired Magazine and CEO of 3D Robotics.

Five New Orleans organizations are right on track, and will be hosting an event to celebrate the movement tomorrow evening (November 13) at the Healing Arts Center on St Claude Avenue.

The Maker Bayou Kick Off Party will be held by organizations entrenched in the maker movement, including AutoDesk, 3D Systems, IDIYA, EZ router, and the New Orleans Mini Maker Faire 2015.

Bayou Maker

Giunta and his twin brother worked on Flutag, which flew in the Miami Red Bull Flutag event.

Domenic Giunta, CEO of IDIYA, explains the maker movement as representing a technology-based extension of the do-it-yourself (DIY) culture. His membership-based workshop and design studio provides its members with education, tools, and a creative community.

Giunta agrees with Anderson: “Never before in human history has the means of production and the tools to innovation been so readily available to those who want to create. We at IDIYA believe the Maker Movement is more than just a playground for engineers and programers, but a Revolution that includes artist, craftsmen, builders, entrepreneurs, and anyone who dreams of turning their IDIYAs into reality.”

Each organization hopes that guests will attend the event on Thursday evening. The Kick Off Party will feature leaders in advanced manufacturing for demonstrations, and Q&A sessions.

Organizers are expecting between 80 and 100 participants at the kickoff event. It’s open to the public and there will be food and beer on tap.

“I see it as an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and micro-manufacturing. We hope to ignite the maker movement,” continued Giunta. IDIYA is actively seeking members for the organization. The pricing is structured to give people more variety and choice, with day passes, full standard rates and a Maker Bayou price available.