MobileQubes, the ‘Redbox of Charging Solutions,’ Launches Pilot Program in New Orleans

The “Redbox of charging solutions,” MobileQubes, is launching their first-ever rent and return cord-free mobile charging kiosks in a pilot program launching in New Orleans this week.

MobileQubes 2Their solution targets the 165 million smartphone users who need portable charging devices. MobileQubes not only offers lithium-ion polymer contact batteries, or “Qubes,” but also twice the power at a fraction of the cost of current market leaders.

“We’re excited to be the first company providing a convenient, affordable solution to the universal problem of insufficient battery life for the 165 million smartphone users in the U.S.,” said Carrigan. “Launching the technology at one of the country’s top destination cities is proof of the confidence we have in our Qubes to get the job done – keeping consumers, fans and travelers connected and eliminating the hassle caused by a dead or dying battery.”

The startup is charging $4.99 for the first day of use per pack, $.99 cents each day after for up to seven days, or the option to purchase the Qubes for $39.99.

According to the company, MobileQubes is using a unique distribution model targeting high traffic areas such as airports, convention centers, and even restaurants. Their New Orleans pilot, which is accessible to both iPhone and Android users, is planned to expand to other markets early next year.

“We are really excited to provide this innovative technology to the more than 1,000 guests who visit us each month,” said president of Walk-On’s Enterprises Scott Taylor. “MobileQubes will undoubtedly alleviate a huge pain point that bar/restaurant guests across the country face on a daily basis – the need for on-the-go power.”

Back in March, MobileQubes CEO Sean Carrigan said that once launched, the national network of Qubes  will charge 99% of phones at least 90% in about nine minutes, and many of them 100%. “Three years from now, MobileQubes will have 1,000 machines in its network and $34 million in revenue,” he continued.

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