Baton Rouge-Based Solid Ground Innovations Makes Move to New Orleans

Solid Ground Innovations (SGI) founder Sevetri Wilson grew up in the New Orleans area and has now landed back in the Big Easy with her company in tow.

Solid Ground InnovationsThe full service company that provides part-time and full-time management and consulting services specializes in building nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations from the ground up.

Wilson said there are two focus arms of the company: SGI, the traditional services arm that includes brand development, public relations, marketing and strategy, and SGI Cares, the social innovation and management art. SGI Cares specializes in organizational support, development and sustainability.

“We work to create and provide innovative strategies and solutions for startup and existing organizations,” Wilson continues.

Officially making the move from the Baton Rouge office to space in the New Orleans BioInnovation Center was a no brainer, according to Wilson. She said while they have had clients in New Orleans for years, “the time is just right for us to really come from behind closed doors and say, ‘New Orleans we are here and this is why you should care.’”

Wilson hopes SGI’s unique and innovative approach to social entrepreneurship and business can add to where the city is headed. “Nothing is really more exciting than sharing our ‘business model’ with people. We just hosted a Social Innovation workshop in Baton Rouge and we hope to have one in New Orleans in 2015. In the workshop we brought together both the corporate social responsibility arena as well as small business owners.” Wilson says her company is pushing to open the minds of every sector. “We want to teach businesses, cities, corporations and the non-profit sectors that when we strengthen communities things get better for both the private and public sector. Even with this, our model is to not just say it does but show how it does and deliver services that do it.”

SGI currently employs nine full-time employees and two part-timers. While Wilson says the primary focus is in New Orleans and Baton Rouge now, “anything is possible,” regarding a further expansion because the company has clients all over the country.

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