Cellcontrol Announces Major National Partnership with Liberty Mutual

CellControl, based out of the Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge, produces the leading technology to help stop distracted driving. The company has just announced a major partnership with auto and home insurance company Liberty Mutual, who will offer Cellcontrol customers savings on insurance.

CellcontrolAccording to a release, Cellcontrol says that 660,000 drivers in America are using cell phone and electronic devices while driving. The partnership with Liberty Mutual Insurance is an incentive for customers to use the Cellcontrol patented technology and eliminate the temptation to talk, text, email and more while driving.

“Cellcontrol is excited to announce our new relationship with Liberty Mutual,” said David Coleman, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Market Development at Cellcontrol. “Through their affinity program Liberty Mutual will provide additional benefits and savings to our customers, and we’re proud to partner with them.”

Earlier this year, Cellcontrol was featured on the ‘Today Show’ as they prepared to launch DriveID, which is their product designed to eliminate distracted driving. A new functionality of the now launched platform supports driver-behavior monitoring and location-based services.

Robert Guba, CEO of Cellcontrol, said “DriveID is an example of how we continue to overcome industry challenges as the future of UBI and distracted driving prevention relies on intelligent driver identification. We hope to remain a part of the award roster in years to come as Cellcontrol continues to extend our product line and capabilities and reduce the number of preventable auto crashes.”