The 2014 Silicon Bayou 100: Group 9


Peter Ragusa

Peter is one part of the duo behind mobile health company Better Day Health. Peter, MD, MPH is the CEO and Co-founder. He is a graduate of LSU, the University of Minnesota Medical School and the Yale School of Public Health. He has 10 years of startup, health policy, technology, and healthcare experience. On LinkedIn.

Rand Ragusa

Rand is the other half of the duo behind mobile health company Better Day Health. He is the Senior VP of Business Development and Co-founder of the company. He has held senior executive roles with four Silicon Valley start-ups and has 14 years of technology and software sales, marketing, and business development experience. On LinkedIn.

Richard Pomes

As the RAP in RAPJAB, a New Orleans-based team of artists, strategists, and problem-solvers dedicated to the art of engagement, Richard serves as the chief marketing officer of the firm. He oversees the creative direction and execution of all social media, public relations, and copywriting projects for clients. For the last eight years, Richard has also been the marketing director of The NOLA Project, a non-profit, independent theatre company. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Robbie Vitrano

Robbie Vitrano is a name frequently tossed around on the Silicon Bayou because he’s involved in numerous corners of it.  His claims to fame include his role as a co-founder of the Idea Village, a co-founder of Naked Pizza, Chairman of Trumpet, CEO of Trumpet Ventures, and a Board member of GNO, Inc. Robbie also mentors entrepreneurs through Launch Pad Ignition and speaks around the world on branding and communications. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Samantha Diamond

Samantha is co-founder and CEO of CultureConnect, an award winning mobile technology company that brings beautiful and meaningful digital experiences to the arts and culture, tourism and museums sectors. Before earning an MBA at Columbia Business School, she developed expertise in strategy and operations and worked in conflict zones, and still works as a consultant to this day. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Scott Burris

Four years ago, Scott started Pure Water Technology of South Louisiana out of his garage. Today his enterprise is in the midst of a dynamic growth phase.  Pure Water Tech mostly sells bottle-less water coolers— multistage “point of use” filtration technology that provides continuous purified drinking water to homes and businesses. On LinkedIn.

Scott Wolfe

Entrepreneur Scott Wolfe Jr. has been involved in many successful ventures to date. He was one of the founding members of the Wolfe Law Group and the founder of the Web Lab over a decade ago. Since then, he launched Zlien, a provider of Mechanic Lien and Preliminary Notice compliance and filing services. Zlien was accepted into the Idea Village’s IDEAxcelerator class last year and has grown tremendously since launch. On LinkedIn.

September Hargrove

September is the chief operating officer of PowerMoves.NOLA, the initiative designed by the New Orleans Startup Fund to increase the number of venture-backed minority entrepreneurs. She is a public policy professional with experience in legislative advocacy, community engagement, and economic development at the state and local government level. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

Shercole King

Shercole wears many hats. She is not only working at Via Link as an HMIS Data and Analysis Specialist, she is also the Community Outreach Manager at, the Founder and editor at Good Nola News and a consultant at S King Consulting. On Twitter. On LinkedIn.

Shuchi Khurana

Shuchi has strong technical and business background with more than a decade of experience in the industry. He is a co-founder and current COO of Bioceptive, a producer of medical devices. He has served as Product Line Manager at EWI Inc. and was responsible for the commercialization of six technologies. On LinkedIn. On Twitter.

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