LSU Launches Digital Media Arts and Engineering Program

Digital media and technology are the fastest growing sectors in Louisiana. To meet the growing statewide workforce development need, Louisiana State University (LSU) has launched the state’s first professional master’s program in Digital Media Arts and Engineering (DMAE).

LSU Digital Media CenterPlans for the two year, interdisciplinary program were originally announced towards the end of 2013. Students will work in an immersive, team-project-based learning environment housed in the state-of-the-art 90,000 sq. ft. Digital Media Center facility on campus.

The goal of the program is to foster the necessary creativity and skills that will enable future professionals to take on design challenges and to solve them, according to Marc Aubanel, director of DMAE. “This program is designed to prepare our workforce to meet the needs of the existing and future film, technology and digital arts companies throughout the region.”

“Our society is going through a bit of a revolution now where we’re moving away from being consumers and moving towards being innovators and builders. I think this program is on the leading edge of that cultural shift and will help nurture the next generation of creators, inventors and entrepreneurs,” Aubanel continued..

Students enrolled in the 39-credit-hour program will gain experience in the field of digital media development from a creative, technical, design, and leadership stance. The program will cover  interactivity, social design, gamification, UX design, mobile design and post production.

“This new program in Digital Media Arts and Engineering represents a smart step by LSU to capitalize on an important, promising trend in Louisiana’s economic development,” said Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret. “The fastest-growing industry sector in our state is now software and digital media. Targeted higher education programs like this one will be critical components in growing and sustaining this technology sector in Louisiana for years to come.”