Fulcrum Launches Exchange Quality Program

FulcrumFederated Sample is the global technology firm delivering efficiency, transparency and automation to the sample industry through Fulcrum. The firm has recently launched the Exchange Quality Program— a transparent sample source evaluation process of all Fulcrum Exchange suppliers.

In October 2014, the company announced that Fulcrum, the first open sample operating system that has been developed over the last five years, is now an independent division of the company. The divide highlights the exponential growth of programmatic sampling, according to Federated Sample.

Fulcrum is the global technology platform for the buying and selling of sample for the Market Research Industry, and is now the largest DSP (Demand-Side Platform) and exchange for the buying and selling of sample. In 2014, over 200 active buyers and sellers will transact over $40 million in over 70 countries.

To meet the needs of the growing global demand, Fulcrum Exchange will continue to add and integrate new sample sources around the world. Beginning this month, Fulcrum customers will have the ability to easily verify and certify Exchange suppliers.

“As a result of breakthrough growth on the Exchange over the past 12 months, source verification has become a necessity for our customers to conduct business,” said Patrick Comer, CEO of Federated Sample. “Transparency and trust are paramount when building a successful marketplace. As the number of buyers and sellers rapidly scales, it’s vital that an Exchange foster a safe environment for both sides of the buy-sell equation. The Exchange Quality Program provides buyers with objective and consistent quality measurements, further bolstering confidence in purchasing decisions with the increasing number of global suppliers.”