Shreveport’s 2015 Startup Prize Offering Up $50,000 for Entrepreneurs

From the makers of the Louisiana Film Prize comes the Louisiana Startup Prize, a project that combines entrepreneurial education with the intensity of a competition. The 2015 competition marks the second annual event.

Gregory Kallenberg again teamed with John Grindley from Cohab Shreveport to announce the competition that will help develop better entrepreneurs, connect them with investors and help create an entrepreneurial culture in northwest Louisiana.

Organizers hosted a kickoff party on February 5th to build momentum before the competition. Attendees had a chance to mix and mingle with other local entrepreneurs and experts who were there to share tips about how businesses could be the next $50,000 winner.

2014 Startup Prize winners, Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions, took home $25,000.

2014 Startup Prize winners, Alchemy Geopolymer Solutions, took home $25,000.

Last year, Kellenberg was quoted saying, “We’ve once again created something that is nationally unique. We are going to essentially teach these entrepreneurs how to win the grand prize and potentially get their startups funded. If these entrepreneurs take the Startup Prize seriously and attend, learn and network, they will not only have the best chance to win, they will have the best chance to succeed in their endeavor.”

A few of the modifications from last year’s event include:

  • An additional qualifying event has been added
  • One of the three qualifying events will now be held in Bossier City
  • Organizers are partnering with Cohab on a startup accelerator

“Northern Louisiana is on the brink of an entrepreneurial revolution,” continued Kallenberg. “The Startup Prize, and its gathering of innovative business minds and eager investors will change our entrepreneurial landscape forever.”

More information, including dates and times, will be available later. More more about the Louisiana Startup Prize is available at