NOEW News: JEDCO, DDD, & Propeller Pitch Finalists Announced

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New Orleans Entrepreneur Week is near, and we’ve had some exciting announcements this week!

NOEW.jpgOur partners at the Jefferson Economic Development Commission (JEDCO), the Downtown Development District (DDD), and Propeller announced their respective finalists for theJEDCO Challenge, the Downtown NOLA Arts Based Business Pitch, and the Water Challenge.

All of the pitches are taking place during Pitch Local, brought to you by JPMorgan Chase and Co., on Monday, March 23rd at NOEW.

In case you missed the news, we’ve rounded up all of the finalists for you below.

JEDCO Challenge Finalists

The JEDCO Challenge features a diverse group of companies with backgrounds in a variety of industries in Jefferson Parish. The goal of the competition is to elevate opportunities for local entrepreneurs in the area through direct capital, business services, increased visibility and mentorship.

Axosim Technologies

The company developed a 3D cell-based model that acts and functions like a nerve, which serves as an alternative to costly animal testing or less effective cell models. This “nerve-on-a-chip” gives pharmaceutical companies access to high content data faster, earlier and at a lower cost than currently possible, which increases the chance of clinical success and prevents harmful drugs from reaching vulnerable patients. Learn more on AxoSim’s website.

Cook Me Somethin’ Mister

The Jambalaya Girl’s locally owned family business, Cook Me Somethin’ Mister, is bringing an authentic taste of New Orleans to the world, starting with the company’s easy to prepare jambalaya and gumbo made with the finest ingredients in New Orleans. Learn more on Cook Me Somethin’ Mister’s website.

Innogenomics Technologies

InnoGenomics Technologies is dedicated to the development of innovative genetic testing solutions that solve crimes and save lives. The company’s patented technology has multiple applied science applications, including the ability to enable forensic scientists to unlock answers from the most challenging DNA evidence. Learn more on the InnoGenomics website.

myMix Nutrition

myMix Nutrition is an e-commerce store that allows you to formulate, and purchase custom protein powder products. myMix Nutrition enlisted the assistance of registered dieticians, licensed nutritionists and internal medicine doctors to review the business plan, ingredient offerings and dosage control systems to ensure product safety. Learn more on myMix Nutrition’s website.

Sock Spot

Sock Spot is a book and toy combo packaged together to include an organizing toy rack with colorful character sock clips and an illustrated storybook. Sock Spot teaches children order and tidiness, while saving time and money. Each purchase helps to fund autism research and family support. Learn more on Sock Spot’s website.

Downtown NOLA Arts Based Business Pitch Finalists

The Business Pitch is aimed at identifying and supporting entrepreneurs that have an arts-based project or product situated in the creative, architecture, technology, digital media or film/entertainment fields that benefits the Downtown Development District and is scalable.

CAD Printing LLC

CAD Printing is enhancing downtown media by applying concrete adhesive material on pavement corners to guide visitors to various landmarks in the CBD. To learn more, visit their website.


CineCorps is a nonprofit production company that builds relationships between satellite Hollywood productions and locally-based filmmakers.

Passion Dance Center

Passion Dance Center is a school for commercial dance and performing arts in New Orleans. To learn more, visit the website

The Wild Life Reserve

The Wild Life Reserve preserves, protects and promotes a creative ecosystem by creating a foundation for fashion designers to learn, brand and design. Learn more on their website.

Tutti Dynamics

Tutti Dynamics develops a multimedia platform that enables users to study the techniques of experts in the arts and sciences. Learn more on their website.

Water Challenge Finalists

Finalists were selected out of thirteen water entrepreneurs in Propeller’s Social Venture Accelerator and participants in the Water Challenge Peer Mentorship Program, a 12-week mentorship and peer-learning program to help nonprofit and for-profit water innovators gain the business expertise they need to launch their startups.

Advanced Berm Technologies

Advanced Berm Technologies is a berm design and deployment process that will increase the rate at which marshes are restored.

Magnolia Land Partners

Magnolia Land Partners develops wetland restoration projects in Louisiana through the sale of mitigation credits.

Greenman Dan Inc

Greenman Dan provides an underground rainwater containment system designed to solve water runoff problems while reducing landscape irrigation costs. Learn more on their website

Wetland Resources LLC

Wetland Resources provides storm protection to coastal Louisiana through massive planting of hurricane-resistant bald cypress and water tupelo.

Riverbottom Tech

Riverbottom Tech creates technology for restoring and maintaining coastal areas on a sustainable basis.

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