5 Tech Must-Haves for the Entrepreneur

Image courtesy of Social Monsters.

Image courtesy of Social Monsters.

Entrepreneurship has changed in the last decade, especially in New Orleans. For the last six years, NOLA has hosted the largest crowdfunding event in America as part of New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. This has made New Orleans one of the best places for entrepreneurship in the United States. Like their moniker, they do entrepreneurship big and easy, embracing the new style of community entrepreneurship and engagement. In order to be a successful NOLA businessperson, you must use smart technology to get started in the community.

Get the Gear

Starting with wearable tech, the Samsung Gear S lets you access your important information while on the go. It is Wi-Fi enabled, syncs with your smartphone and looks stylish on your arm. You can send and receive emails, check your schedule and talk using the watch. It also is GPS enabled, so you can use your location apps when you drive, walk or ride a bike.

Stay Charged

Nothing stops a mobile business entrepreneur like a dead battery. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), FINsix successfully introduced Dart, a portable laptop charger. The thing that makes the Dart so special is its size, being four times smaller than the standard “brick” style of its predecessors. This way it can fit into a pocket or purse. The new Dart technology lets you charge your device up to 1,000 times faster than regular chargers. The Dart comes with nine different tips so you can use it with all of your mobile devices.

Be Connected

Community-based entrepreneurs do a lot of business on the phone. Dead zones with few or no bars are frustrating and can seriously harm productivity. That is why Wilson Electronics designed a line of signal boosters for home and office digital communication. The WeBoost works for smartphones, tablets, laptops and anything that requires a carrier signal to communicate. They have products for home, work and the car. For houses, the device can boost your carrier signal over two or three rooms. The business application focuses more on the amount of people you need on the network. But, if you just need signal for when you’re on the go, then look at the antennae booster to give you more signal while walking or driving.

Keep Learning

As self-starters, entrepreneurs need to constantly update and learn new skills. Education in any form helps you get better at what you do. This is why the University of San Diego hosts a mobile think tank specifically for entrepreneurs. This system lets you communicate with peers, acquire credit-based learning and develop new mobile technology for your business. All of this can be done on a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Stream Media

At CES this year, the National Association of Television Producers and Executives made it clear that streaming technology is the next big thing in video media. IBM’s Global Entrepreneur program is a streaming video-based community for self-starting businesspersons. They use their own platform to offer start-up advice, networking and fundraising that is accessible anywhere with wireless technology.