New Orleans Entrepreneurs Launch Twist on Crowdfunding, Co-Funded

While revelers were out on Mardi Gras Day, two New Orleans startup founders launched their twist on traditional crowdfunding, Co-Funded. The service is designed to provide feedback with funding to companies or organizations that people would like to see a change in.

“Mardi Gras is the ultimate crowd event and we thought the timing was fortuitous to launch our service which gives a voice to the crowds,” said co-founder Robert Claypool.

Claypool launched the company with partner Ben Holness to provide organizations important feedback from customers.

The founders believe that co-funding happens in three stages: 1) Awareness – people say what they would pay to see a suggestion implemented; 2) Backing – where people pay to get it done; and 3) Change – when the suggestion becomes reality.


“Co-Funded aims to provide the highest quality feedback possible – things that customers want so badly, they would pay to make them happen,” explains Holness. “At the same time, it involves the customer base in the decision process, strengthening the company-customer bond.”

According to the company, “Projects can include proposals for software applications to implement new features, requesting playgrounds to install new equipment, proposing that an individual shave their head for a charity, or anything that can be solved through crowdfunding.”