GreenStar Roofing Company is Offsetting Millions of Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide in Louisiana

GreenStar Roof Coatings is a green roofing company based in New Orleans that is utilizing ‘cool’ roof systems to help lower energy costs and protect the environment. Cool roofs can reduce surface temperatures by up to 100 degrees while keeping attics and ducts cooler.

The roof coatings contractor has been following a philosophy focusing on quality and customer service for more than eight years. With the use of high quality roof membrane coatings, GreenStar covers businesses throughout the area with roofs lasting up to 15 years.

GreenStar is working to offset millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in Louisiana.

GreenStar is working to offset millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in Louisiana.

GreenStar has covered almost 1,000,000 square feet of roof tops in the greater New Orleans area, which is equivalent to the offset of 7,407,790 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide in Louisiana.

“Together with our talent, and this unique service that we offer, we all have a great opportunity to make a real difference making buildings greener, healthier, and more energy efficient, that produces real and sustainable results,” said David Lamouranne, CEO and founder of GreenStar. “After all, in our industry we physically make and build the environment that surrounds us.”

GreenStar is the only company to offer the service and they are the only company to have the certification to install the cool roofs.

Lamouranne says his personal goal is to coat 10 million square feet of rooftops throughout New Orleans, diminishing the urban ‘heat island’ with cool, green roof systems to benefit all residents, especially those living and working in the downtown areas.”

In a statement, Berkeley Lab physicist Art Rosenfeld elaborates, “If all eligible urban flat roofs in the tropics and temperate regions were gradually converted to white, and sloped roofs to cool colors, they would offset the heating effect of the emission of roughly 24 gigatons of CO2…”

Under the assumption that roofs have a service life of 20 years, Rosenfeld concludes that the equivalent annual rate of the offset effect would be around 1.2 gigatons per year. “That offsets the emissions of roughly 300 million cars for 20 years.”

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