Louisiana Technology Park Adds 2 Startups to Business Incubator Program

Baton Rouge is home to a successful business incubator and office facility, the Louisiana Technology Park. The Park provides high-tech startups with resources to bring their products and services to market faster and more effectively.

latechparkEarlier this week, following a meeting with the Admissions Committee, LA Tech Park announced that two new companies will be joining the incubator program. The newest additions are ClearBlue Design, LLC and BlueFin Data. Both companies were previously clients of Tech Park U, which provides entrepreneurs training and eventually helps build a business plan for viable startups.

Learn more about each company from LA Tech Park below:

ClearBlue Design LLC is a software company currently focused on launching the social mobile application, Freebird. Freebird democratizes the idea process and helps projects with local, social implications gain traction in the community. Anonymous idea “liberators” can present an idea for viewing and voting only to a geographic area that they are in at the time of submission. Ideas that receive more than 50 percent of the user vote are opened up to the community of users so that steps to accomplish the idea can be proposed.

BlueFin Data specializes in developing software for the seafood industry. According to BlueFin’s Chief Developer, Andrew Peterson, “Our goal is to meet the data collection demands from various government agencies, while improving the seafood industry for the better, through transparency between seafood dealers and government agencies.” Bluefin products are already a popular digital alternative to pen and paper reporting on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and the company expects to grow their reach during their time in the Louisiana Technology Park.