New Orleans Real Estate Company First to Use 3D Technology in Market

Mirambell Realty has made buying and selling homes in New Orleans much more interesting. The tech-savvy company now offers a 3D feature that will create realistic and immersive images of interior spaces for all of their listings.

Mirambell Realty 3DThe Matterport 3D Showcase allows homebuyers to have an online experience, moving through a property and view it from all angles. There is even a “dollhouse” view that lets viewers get a unique sense of the property, according to Matterport.

“Real Estate does not have to be sold like it was 30 years ago,” explains Craig Mirambell Jr, Broker/Owner at Mirambell. “Today we are bringing in a technology to the New Orleans area that will easily become a standard for all listings in the next 5 years amongst all brokerages. Our clients who take advantage of 3D tours will have more views of their property than they would have with just photos.”

Mirambell Realty is the first real estate company in metro New Orleans to provide its agents with the 3D equipment.

The 3D Showcase is a cloud-based application that provides users with a chance to “walk” around properties, move up and down staircases, view the floor plans, and see everything in a high resolution. Mirambell offers this service in a range of properties, including single family homes to larger developments.