Infographic: What’s on the Market in Wearable Tech

The demand for wearable technology is increasing every day. Not only do people want to stay connected to their email and social networks, but they also want to be able to track their fitness and increase their productivity each day.

Wearable technology has helped people live more productive and efficient lifestyles. From fitness technology such as Garmin’s Vivofit Active Tracker or productivity tools like Google’s Glass, wearables are changing the way people work and live each day.

Productivity Technology

Do you wish there were more hours in the day? If so, there are wearables that help users boost their productivity and reach more results. For example, the Pebble Smartwatch gives users the opportunity to set alarms and sync up with their smartphone apps. Logbar’s Ring gives users the opportunity to send texts or pay bills from the palm of their hand.

Health and Fitness Technology

Living a healthy lifestyle is a priority for many people. However, with the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be hard to keep track of your fitness goals. Sensoria’s Smart Fabrics offers wearables that allow people to track their distance, monitor heart rate, and watch calories burned.

Fun and Leisure Technology

One of the best parts of wearable technology is that it can boost your quality of life. If you want to create more excitement in your daily lifestyle, there are a number of wearables on the market that are meant to entertain. For example, the Everpurse Collection offers tech-forward purses where users can charge their mobile devices on the go.

Although the wearable technology industry is fairly new, its demand will continue to grow over the upcoming decade. Wearables are making an impact on the way people live their lives and connect with others. To learn more about the wearable technology that’s changing society, check out the infographic below:


Ivan Serrano is an infographic designer from the Bay Area in California. He prefers to cover business, technology and marketing.