Text New Silicon Bayou Startup Merlin and Get Anything Delivered to Your Door

In another addition to the service economy, a startup named Merlin is launching in New Orleans this week. Simply send a text and get whatever you want delivered to you or done for you at any time.

MerlinMerlin founder Max Walters said the idea for the delivery service came through some “casual backyard wizardry.” He was approached by a few friends that had identified a new marketplace and, following a brainstorming session, Merlin was born.

The name was chosen because he wanted a name that would play on the idea of fantasy but also versatile enough to describe a top of line service provider.

“We believe that technology should be leveraged to create space in our busy daily lives,” explains Walters. “Merlin aims to take care of the tasks that consume your time and help complete the tasks that you would love to do with more time in your schedule.”

The delivery service grants wishes and removes the mundane from getting things accomplished, so Merlin can handle the logistics of life. As Walters said, “we will literally do anything that’s not illegal, period.”

Merlin will be using existing service-based infrastructures to get the jobs done. Walters says this means both utilizing service-based apps, as well as established strategic partnerships with vendors.

The only similar startup Walters is aware of is Magic, based in Mountain View, which now has over 25,000 people on their waitlist.

Merlin could go viral as well, and even has a few angel investors behind the startup to support the launch. The service is going live today, all you have to do is text 646-846-WAND (9263). Texting the service is free, but each delivery has a unique cost, a combination of cost of goods and a convenience fee.