Business Development Panel Scheduled for Tuesday During NOEW

New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) is the festival that celebrates entrepreneurship, innovation, and advanced thinking. The 7th annual event kicks off today (March 20) and will run through March 27.

NOEWOrganizers expect over 10,000 attendees including entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, nonprofits, students and professional to participate in the more than 100 scheduled events. Each event is designed to foster discussion, debate, education, competition, and celebration to support new ideas and elevate entrepreneurial thinking in New Orleans.

On Tuesday, March 24, attendees will hear from successful entrepreneurs and startup founders about best practices for business development.

“Deals, Deals, Deals! Business Development for Startups: How to Close Deals and Secure Strategic Partnerships” will focus the following topics:

  • Business development 101: how to build strategic partnerships as startup (without getting crushed)
  • How to get (and keep) the attention of large companies when you’re small
  • How to overcome that fact that New Orleans is not New York, Silicon Valley or Los Angeles
  • Stalking (the good kind)
  • Identifying decision makers and building champions
  • Always be closing
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Creating win-win situations
  • How to close the deal

Panelists include Zach Kupperman, co-founder, Chief Business Officer and General Counsel, Dinner Lab; Kerry W. Kirby,  founder and CEO, 365 Connect; and Brent McCrossen, CEO of Audiosocket

The event will be moderated by Julia Stewart, the Director of Programs for Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation.

Learn from the success stories on how Dinner Lab closed partnerships with Google, Saturday Night Live, Pandora, Infiniti, and Mercedes; how Audiosocket closed deals with Vimeo and more; and how 365 Connect used partnerships to become the top SaaS platform in its industry.

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