First 3D Print Meetup is Coming to New Orleans

Many think 3D printing is a newer technology than it actually is. 3D Systems founder Chuck Hull made the first 3D printed teacup just over 30 years ago. Now, 3D printing is becoming mainstream in New Orleans.

Unchained Thought EnterprisesUnchained Thought Enterprises, a locally owned consulting company that specializes in emerging technology, 3D Print Hubs have teamed up to host the first 3D Print Meetup for New Orleans area residents.

The April 8th event, slated for 6:00 pm, will take place at Archbishop Shaw High School in Marrero.

“The reason for meeting at the school is to encourage local private and public schools to embrace the rise of technology,” said Rick Twiggs, founder of Unchained Thought Enterprises. “We are encouraging students from Shaw and other campuses to attend this technologically historic event.”

Organizers will have many 3D printers and scanners at the event.

“This event represents many years of technological advancement in the city and many years of my company being a driving force for emerging technology in the city,” said Twiggs “We are happy to be able to host this historic event and bring together so many people that have never heard of this technology and help those who have this technology network with one another. I am pleased to see the evolution of my companies hard work… I cannot wait to see where everything will go from here.”

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