Ampware Prepares to Launch Hand Powered Smartphone Chargers

One Baton Rouge-based company is making it possible to charge any smartphone device even if you are 100 miles away from the nearest power outlet.

AmpwareAmpware is in the process of launching both the CrankCase and CrankBox, compact manual chargers for mobile devices.

Ampware has designed these solutions to be a reliable backup power source when you don’t have one. Whether you live off the grid or are in the midst of an emergency situation without power, the CrankCase and CrankBox will power all smart devices.

The CrankCase–the first Ampware product– is a patent-pending charging case that incorporates an easy-to-use hand crank to generate power directly to smartphone or USB devices. The CrankBox is a universal generator that can connect through any USB device.

Founder and inventor Mark Gabriel is a New Orleans native with a background in engineering and product launches. He has spent over a year developing both the CrankCase and CrankBox.

The innovative case is also currently running an Indiegogo campaign that has three days remaining to get funded. As of this afternoon, Ampware has raised $49,463 of its $50,000 goal from 1,195 backers in the last 29 days.

Gabriel says the smartphone case market is extremely competitive, but no one is making a product like CrankCase. “We have filed for patent on the CrankCase. The CrankBox has more competition from crank USB chargers, but ours is the most powerful in the world.”

“Our targets are smartphone users who want to make sure they have power wherever they go,” continued Gabriel. “We focused on iPhone users now, but will be going after the Android users next. Top targets could be busy businesspeople, outdoor enthusiasts, or alternative energy enthusiasts. This is really an ideal product for anyone with a chargeable mobile device.”

Ampware is on track to send out “early bird” cases from the campaign this October, confirms Gabriel, who says the company is planning manufacturing steps at this time.

The company is producing truly green products that can be used regardless of a power outlet, anywhere in the world. Gabriel says they would love to design other products that compliment the existing once they have formally launched the Crank line of products to retail.