GNO, Inc. is Offering Full Scholarship for New Orleans’ Women in Tech

Tech Talent SouthGNO, Inc. will be sponsoring one full Women In Tech Scholarship for Tech Talent South’s (TTS) spring web development course that kicks off on April 27th. The scholarship includes tuition-in-full for either the full-time or part-time course.

Tech Talent South provides beginner-focused programs teaching web development and coding to adults and children throughout the South, with additional locations in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Asheville, Charlotte and Raleigh.

“We are thrilled that GNO, Inc. will be sponsoring a female student for our next course,” said TTS co-founder Betsy Idilbi. “We’ve seen an impressive positive shift in the NOLA tech industry in regards to women and we’re looking forward to continuing to be a part of it.”

The Propeller incubator will host the full-time TTS immersion programs through focused on web development and computer programming, including programming languages like Ruby on Rails, Javascript and AJAX, and HTML/CSS, as well as domain modeling for database-backed web applications, HTTP and “RESTful” design, and an in-depth look at APIs.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, TTS will host part-time courses at the brand new workspace at Myrtle Banks on Oretha Haley Castle Blvd.

TTS also offers recent graduate scholarships and continuing education opportunities for local teachers at all levels.