Speaker Shares Marketing Perspective and Philosophies at Launch Fest

RapJab founder Richard A. Pomes was one of the speakers at the annual startup conference and demo day, Launch Fest.

RapJab Launch FestPomes is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of the few-year-old company based in New Orleans. The marketing agency, which employs a team of artists, strategists, and problem-solvers, are dedicated to the art of engagement.

His presentation, “My Perspective: From Disney to Whisky”, shared his story of the ups and downs of major marketing and strategic success. From working at Disney World to skyrocketing the cinnamon whisky brand Fireball, Pomes learned a lot about along the way.

His five most important tips are below.

  • Find your superpower. A key aspect to this is learning to adapt and think of your feet. Put the best version of yourself forward and hone your skills along the way.
  • Evangelize the cause. Pomes shared from personal experience at Disney that the people who “drink the Koolaid” and enjoyed what they were doing were the happiest and most well rewarded. “Join the cult, or join your own cult if you’re starting a company,” he continued. Believe in what what you’re selling and wholeheartedly buy into what you’re doing. Pitching is about how well you evangelize the cause and get people fired up.
  • Utilize your network. It’s not about who you know, it’s about what you do with them. Turn your network into early adopters, that’s how you will rally the troops behind your idea, company, or anything else. People will be more passionate if you’re passionate. Lastly, reward your loyal fan base.
  • Embrace (and amplify) the world’s perception of you. Listen to and assess what people think and say about you. If you don’t like what you hear, but make changes, and find your voice. If you like what you hear, kick it up a notch and amplify it as much as possible. “Think about others in the industry who have embraced the perception that others have of them…find all these unique things about you and live.”
  • Execute your perspective. Go into business with people who do what you can’t do. Find complementary partners and team members to work with. Pomes says the combination of My Experience + My Passion = My Perspective. Hire (or work for) people with unique perspectives. When you start your own company, build you A-team.