BarCampNola 8 In Danger: Guardians of the Flame Unite!

BarCampNola 2015BarCampNola, New Orleans’s premier tech event, is under attack by a vicious and diabolical robot calling himself Uncon! Rumor has it, Tritico, the increasingly reluctant co-organizer of BarCampNola attempted to build a robot to organize this year’s event, but things went horribly wrong.

All signs point to a faulty logic board delivered by Clark Industries that corrupted the primary logical AI interface reaction module sending Uncon into a chaotic rage! Reports are in that Uncon has already removed Tritico from the equation banishing him to a small, distant and remote island with no ability to return. There are also unconfirmed rumors that Uncon has hacked and completely taken over the official BarCampNola website... but Nicky Mast together with Bearett, Snowball, HotSauce, Trumpet Player, The Flame and the mighty Sazerex (now fully mechanized) have united together as The Guardians of the Flame!


The Guardians of the Flame have opened registration and are encouraging all members of the tech community to register and attend the event. But more importantly, attendees are encouraged to prepare fun, informative and interesting talks to share with our community. Uncon, while powerless to stop the event completely, is doing it’s best to make sure the now established event remains an un-conference, falling into chaos and disorder. Uncon demands that no talks be prepared, everything is scheduled the day of the event, no community outreach is scheduled and that any new comers to our community be encouraged NOT to attend.

Uncon is also spreading rumors that this year’s event will not be free and that all t-shirts will be made of aluminum foil. The Guardians of the Flame are resisting these attacks and insist they are preparing the best BarCampNola ever! With help from local sponsors, the event will remain FREE and open to all members of the tech community far and wide, with coffee and lunch provided and as many colorful and comfortable tri-blend t-shirts as possible! Additionally, The Keepers of the Flame are planning a special 2nd day of the event where they will, together with the help of all attendees, build a project together to defeat the evil robot! Down with Uncon!

It remains to be seen what will become of The Guardians of the Flame, but they maintain the event will take place July 18th & 19th at Tulane’s Boggs Center with help from our friends at the School of Science and Engineering.

If you would like to attend their event or are interested in more information, please visit for details.