New Orleans Entrepreneur Launches Live Escape Game Filled with Local History

A new live escape game has launched in New Orleans this week. Escape My Room is an interactive game and museum that locks up to seven players in a room for one hour while the they discover clues and solve puzzles in order to escape.

Co-founder Andrew Preble has always been interested in startups, launching new ventures, and, of course, New Orleans. As a longtime fan of scavenger hunts, Preble he has been planning Escape My Room for months, down to every last detail, including the twist about local history.

Preble is joined by Experience Designer Michelle Calabro, the mastermind behind the puzzles and props in the room.

Escape My Room lock

Photo by Michelle Calabro.

The game is narratively centered around an eccentric New Orleans family whose home was demolished to make room for a hospital development in Mid-City. A silent partner made the artifacts and estate items available for the first time.

“Escape rooms are a new genre of entertainment and tourist attraction which have spread around the world since first becoming popular in Japan in 2013,” explains Preble. “The real world escape room games were originally based on digital video games.”

Preble was recently featured on the radio show Out to Lunch, a weekly podcast that interviews entrepreneurs and creatives around town. Listen to the full episode here and find out more about Escape My Room at