Father Son Duo Launch Kickstarter for Gaming Throne, a Comfortable Seat for Work and Play

Many people spend the majority of the day at a desk in an environment that is not ideal for user comfort and efficiency, especially for those with electronics at hand.

Gaming ThroneThat’s where Gaming Throne comes in. Gaming Throne is a combination of a desk and a chair, with space to mount a monitor or add accessories such as lights or speakers. With two size options, the seats provide a space to put electronics in comfortable reach with as much surface area as a desk but placed vertically.

“This will radically change the way we collaborate with our electronics and one another” said Sean Fairburn, founder, designer and CEO of the company.

Gaming Thrones are ideal for people sitting at a desk all day long, including telecommuters, streamers, video bloggers, and especially gamers.

The company has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with the manufacturing costs of releases the first ever serial numbered Gaming Thrones. To date, they have received $365 from four backers since launching on June 15. Fairburn has exactly 30 days to go to reach the $160,000 goal.

The shape and design of the Gaming Throne is collaboration hardware, made specifically to improve comfort in collaborative environments with friends and colleagues. “Everything about the relationship was considered when we designed this revolutionary new platform,” said Fairburn’s son, Caleb, who works alongside his father at the company.

Gaming Throne hopes to gather enough funding to set up manufacturing in Louisiana and bring more jobs to the thriving tech community in the state.