Platform to Visually Track Entrepreneurial Success is Being Built in New Orleans

AmbitionTrek is a brand new interactive tool to visually chronicle entrepreneurial journeys from idea to manifestation. Founder Derrick Brooks was born, raised and still lives in New Orleans. He originally came up with the idea because he wanted to find a way to get exposure to more resources in New Orleans that would help entrepreneurs.

AmbitionTrek He believes the biggest benefit will be the establishment of a connected network that involves the entrepreneur, resources, services providers and visitors that all work cohesively to benefit each other.

“It’s not just about where they’ve been but how resources, people and people made an impact on the shaping of their idea and then showing where these ideas are being conceived.”

The visual journey aspect of the platform became a part of the company plan before Brooks’ idea was even called AmbitionTrek. He said it happened right after a loss at Startup Weekend when he began reevaluating his idea and what he was trying to accomplish.

“While reevaluating, I felt that making the journey visual would be of great benefit because if people could see where journey events took place it would bring a greater sense of relation to that experience especially to people visiting that page in an associated area,” explains Brooks. “Also, I believe this brings a greater understanding of the individual and their idea.”

AmbitionTrek’s platform also includes marker identifiers that are located next to each entry on the timeline. Brooks says these markers can be a symbol of a general experience that a user may go through, such as a pivot, and be used as a reference director, acting as a guide for anyone who needs it.

Brooks hopes that his journey and those of others will shed light on what it’s like to venture out in the world with a crazy idea and see what comes of it, while also bringing great exposure to know and unknown resources in the community.

“I think New Orleans has come a long way concerning its entrepreneurial scene,” says Brooks. “My one hope is that the leaders in the local entrepreneurial community will emphasize the carefulness of the hopeful entrepreneur’s situation and to be sensitive, as well as patient, when dealing people.”

AmbitionTrek is currently in beta, with an estimated official launch date of late 2016 to mid 2017. Brooks is keeping the dates up in the air because he says if his journey has taught him anything, it is that he should appreciate and embrace the process. “The process provides lessons that can be treasures to be used in the future.”