QuickSolar is Offering Its Solar Estimation Tool Free to Louisiana Homeowners

QuickSolar is a solar technology company that wants to make it easy for Louisiana homeowners to go solar. Potential customers now have the option to view free, online demos for those interested in solar energy through the state, including whether or not you qualify under new state solar tax credit program.

QuickSolarThe company’s web-based software displays key metrics related to the costs and benefits for individual homeowners to go solar. Online demos will even go as far to show potential customers what solar electric (PV) panels will look like when dragged and dropped onto a satellite image of their home.

“Homeowners have basic questions about solar energy that they cannot get answered without first engaging with a solar contractor,” said Scott Oman, QuickSolar Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “Some websites make generalizations about a homeowner’s potential savings based on little to no data about the home, creating a proliferation of bad information. We aim to solve that by empowering homeowners with access to quick, accurate answers to their questions about going solar.”

QuickSolar, formerly known as SOLarchitect, provides their software as a subscription service to over 250 solar contractors throughout the country. The software saves costs related to design, customer qualification, and proposal generation.

Louisiana homeowners participating in the free demos will receive a customized, six-page solar report in addition to renderings once the design is complete. QuickSolar’s goal is to educate and inform because they do not sell or install residential solar systems.