Envoc Releases Newest App Spotter

Envoc is a Louisiana­-based design and software firm that provides software solutions from “conception to consumption.” The agency has released its latest product, a customizable mobile tablet inspection app called Spotter.

Spotter Inspection AppSpotter is designed to streamline a business’s inspection processes providing significant improvements in preventative maintenance and process controls.

Many companies hire inspectors that spend five to eight hours on each inspection. Spotter cuts these inspections down to under an hour, saving time and money. Although launched recently, the app has been well received and is being used by clients such as CTS and Quanex.

Spotter’s Key Features include:

  • Client managed inspection templates & questionnaires
  • Audio, video, and photo integration
  • Offline capability for remote locations
  • Real-time Inspection Information analysis via the Dashboard
  • Can import and export information to and from other systems
  • Standard and custom reporting to meet current reporting standards
  • Ideal for safety, compliance, process, audit, and controls management