4.0 Schools Partners with TechStars, Takes Over National Startup Weekend EDU Events

4.0 Schools, the early-stage education incubator based in New Orleans, has announced a new partnership with Techstars accelerator to take over Education Entrepreneurs and operate Startup Weekend Education events across the country.

Education Entrepreneurs is run by parent organization UP Global, which was recently acquired by Techstars. Techstars and 4.0 schools will work closely together to continue to grow education entrepreneurship and the mission of Education Entrepreneurs.

“Techstars is partnering with 4.0 Schools because we both have a strong commitment to the growth of education entrepreneurship and we believe that we can accomplish more in this domain together than we could separately.”

The addition of Startup Weekend EDU means that 4.0 Schools can support education entrepreneurs at an even earlier stage than we were able to before,” said Raphael Gang, head of communication and outreach at 4.0 Schools.

4.0 Schools said they are partnering with Techstars to meet the needs of aspiring education entrepreneurs and create programming specifically designed for the sphere of education.