Conference for Creatives Comes to New Orleans

The inaugural Pursuit Creative Conference, designed to support creative entrepreneurs and their ventures, is coming to New Orleans this fall.

Pursuit Creative ConferenceThe conference will be held on October 3, 2015 at the Propeller Incubator in New Orleans.

Organizers said the full-day experience is designed specifically for creative professionals to share their passion for creative entrepreneurship, learn about business growth and collaborate with others on the same mission.

Graphic designers, web developers, artists, product developers, consultants, writers, independent workers, and creative thinkers are invited to attend.

To produce the conference, organizers need to raise $12,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to cover venue costs, conference logistics, and various materials. With eight days to go, $8,921 has been raised from 72 backers.

“It is a community of mini empire makers who gather to share ideas, collaborate on projects and inspire a new perspective on business growth,” explains the Kickstarter page. “The goal is to start small but strong and to have this event grow into a destination conference for creative entrepreneurs of all types.”

Pursuit is organized by business consultant Kristy Oustalet, creative director Justin Shiels, and design studio owner Ciera Holzenthal.

“The three of us came together over the idea that while entrepreneurial resources are prevalent here in New Orleans, not many apply to the creative entrepreneur,” said Sheils. “We want to create something that is bigger than our individual businesses, Pursuit is a community.”