Empower New Orleans Micro-Entrepreneurs with Fund 17

Fund 17 is a nonprofit social enterprise hoping to create a new economic system of opportunity in New Orleans. The organization is dedicated to combating opportunity inequality in the 17 wards of the city by providing micro-entrepreneurs with financial tools for self-empowerment.

Fund 17The organization is seeking funding to cover the costs of their 2015-2016 fellowship program that will train a new cohort of at least 15 undergraduates at local universities. Fund 17 will provide an innovative professional development and public service for participants.

With 26 days left, Fund 17 has raised $2,525 of their $30,000 goal from 16 supporters. Donations will cover legal, promotional, and operating expenses and fill loan pool funds. The

Fund 17 explains the mission further: “While the New Orleans economy grows, many hardworking individuals are left without the necessary tools to succeed. The informal economy is part of what makes New Orleans so unique, but unfortunately the artists, musicians, hair stylists, or home chefs are often not given the proper resources and operate below or at the poverty line. Fund 17 exists as a platform for micro-enterprises to transition into the formal economic system, where their assets are protected and can grow.”

By leveraging the power of students, Fund 17 has served 16 micro-entrepreneurs through financial empowerment seminars, micro-loans, and one-on-one assistance while providing immersive learning experiences to over 40 undergraduates.