GPS Consultants Launches Two New Apps

GPS Consultants, based in Baton Rouge, has launched two new  software applications to help clients.

GPS ConsultantsOur key differentiator is our ability to leverage advanced data analysis technologies which enable organizations to reduce time and money spent on projects,” explains GPS.

The two new apps are GPS Map App, which is designed to detect suspicious activity and costly financial errors saving companies from unauthorized transactions and fraudulent activity, and GPS At App, developed to create complex conversion formulas that aid in cleansing and normalizing company data.

“By leveraging cutting-edge technology and our specialized experience, we expect our GPS Data Apps suite to level the playing field for management and anti-fraud professionals to more efficiently and effectively combat costly errors, fraud, waste and abuse,” said Peters certified fraud examiner Chris Peters. These GPS Data Apps are important for companies who are going paperless and investing in technology and data, he continued.

The ultimate goal of GPS is to make companies more profitable with less effort.

Peters plans to offer two online courses to promote the new apps, offering instruction on each and in addition to a three-month subscription to the app depending on the chosen course.