Moonbot Studios Releases Latest App Moonbeeps: Gizmo

Moonbot Studios, the Shreveport-based design studio, has revealed the latest app in the Moonbeeps series: Gizmo, created for kids of all ages.

Moonbot Studios Moonbeeps GizmoGizmo is an imagination support device: a control panel for anything that kids create.

“With a bit of DIY ingenuity, glue, paint and kid creativity, a box can become a rocketship, UFO or just about anything. It’s the kind of imaginative play that’s only possible when kids put stuff together – and that’s something that apps don’t do very well,” explains Moonbot Studios.

Each app is designed to create fun, imaginative play in and out of mobile devices.  Gizmo currently featured as a best new app for kids in the iTunes App Store.

The app features six switches to explore deep space, swap control panels, dials to check in with the crew, tons of sliders, buttons and knobs that make fun noises and visual effects, and much more.

Moonbeeps: Gizmo – How To Gizmo! from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.