Tech Talent South to Host 3 Day Workshop Series during for NOLATech Week

Tech Talent SouthNew Orleans’ first coding bootcamp Tech Talent South will be hosting a free and open to the public, three-day workshop series during NOLATech Week. The workshops will take place at Bobet Hall on Loyola’s campus. The workshop series is for beginners and will provide an introduction to basic web design using HTML and CSS, the fundamentals of the programming language Ruby, and the use of the framework Rails.

What to Know Prior to the Workshop:

  • Each workshop is on a different topic. Attendance to the earlier workshops are not prerequisite for the latter. Those interested can chose to attend all three workshops or pick and choose workshops to accommodate their interest.

  • If you would like to follow along, please bring a fully charged computer (outlets may be limited) and please create Cloud 9 account prior to the workshop.

Details for each workshop are listed below:

  • Tuesday, October 6 from 3-6pm: Web Design 101 – Bobet Hall 332 The first segment of the three-part series is an introduction to web design and the basic’s of the coding languages HTML and CSS.

  • Wednesday, October 7 from 6-9pm: Ruby Workshop – Bobet Hall 114 The second installment in the series is an introduction to the insanely popular, dynamic, reflective, object-oriented programming language RUBY. Attendees will learn some of the basics of programming and get a taste of what web dev is all about.

  • Thursday, October 8 from 3-6pm: Rails Workshop – Bobet Hall 332During the third installment to our workshop series, we’ll go step-by-step creating a simple web app using Ruby on Rails and pushing it to GitHub so you can show off your code!

The whole New Orleans Tech Talent South crew will be on hand to answer any questions attendees may have. Learn more about the TTS experience on their student and alumni blogs. TTS proudly offers female scholarships, recent graduate scholarships, and scholarships for all around ‘rockstars’ for its code immersion programs.