Dinner Lab Announces Free Memberships Nationwide

Today, Dinner Lab announced a free membership program that enables more people than ever to enjoy their dinner series.

Dinner LabThe tiered membership offers Members free access to core dinner series and Select Members, who are charged an annual fee ranging from $125 to $175, access to core dinner series in addition to special events.

“Dinner Lab hosts rotating chefs in unique spaces that exist for only 24 hours,” explains Dinner Lab’s co-founder and CEO Brian Bordainick. “It is a nomadic dining experience that gives culinary talent from some of the world’s best kitchens the opportunity to boldly experience with new menus, and diners a novel meal to savor.”

Dinner Lab posted to their Facebook page earlier this morning with a simple message: “more people, more events, more fun.”

One of the main goals of the startup is to build a community around food. “We want people young and old and from all different backgrounds to come together around the Dinner Lab table to share the thing they all have in common: food and interesting people.”

Dinner Lab is currently in 31 cities across the country.

Those who sign up for the new free membership today will also get $20 off your first ticket purchase.