IP Building Leads to the Best Places to Work

The IP Building Hosts 3 Best Places to WorkAnyone who has been in the IP building downtown knows that there is an atmosphere of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and risk-taking that you just don’t find in other office buildings in the CBD. But did you also know that it has some of the best places to work as well?

On CityBusiness’ annual list of Best Places to Work, three companies located in the IP Building made the cut: Online Optimism, mumms Software, and iSeatz.

What makes each of these places a great place to work?


Take a look in the gigantic glass windows in the sides of the first floor of the IP building, and you’ll see their developers typing away at all hours of the day. But what you might not see are some of the other benefits of the office that don’t get shown off to the world. Flexible hours, for starters, allows employees to choose when they want to be behind a desk. Add to that plenty of beer and wine, as well as no dress code, and you’ve got yourself an obvious choice for a Best Place to Work.

mumms Software

Mumms product, hospice software, may not be the sexiest field ever. But that doesn’t mean its office environment has to be boring. With weekly catered lunches, telecommuting options, company happy hours and more, mumms knows how to keep its employees happy. Some of the highest salaries in the city (average starting of ~$57,500 with a median salary of ~$78,000) doesn’t hurt their employee’s morale either.

Online Optimism

As the youngest company on CityBusinesses list (with an average employee age of 24,) Online Optimism has a lot to prove. So what makes them a Best Place to Work? A youthful atmosphere, endless snacks and drinks, potential commissions for all employees, and the opportunity for growth are key to their positive atmosphere. But the benefit that really stands out for an office in New Orleans? Free Friday lunches at local restaurants. Because Friday afternoon office cocktails are always better when they’re on your company’s tab.

Mumms Software and Online Optimism and iSeatz LogosThe other major factor all three organizations have in common? The IP Building itself.

First, it’s dog friendly. Try to be upset in an office where there’s a dog waiting to be pet. Just try! It’s impossible.

Second, the CBD is home to some incredibly good food. Between Capdeville, Lucy’s, Between the Bread, or the award-winning Peche, and about a few dozen more restaurants, there’s the perfect place to either grab a quick bite to eat or treat your clients to a lunch that will almost guarantee a signed contract.

Third, there’s an onsite gym all the way at the top of the building.

Finally, there’s simply an aspect to being around so many growing businesses that just leads to an enthusiastic workforce, which leads to better places to work. If you’ve never stopped by the IP building before, now’s the perfect place to check it out. A little birdy told us there might be some open desks at Launch Pad on the first floor…