Moonbot Studios Battles Bullying with New Interactive Film

Moonbot Studios considers itself a secret, zero-gravity colony inhabited by interstellar beings with a mission is to create the best books, films, apps, games and entertainment in the galaxy.

The company has teamed up with partners including the Ad Council and Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) to launch a campaign to empower teens to speak up when they see bullying. I Am A Witness is a digital-focused campaign featuring a new emoji and an innovative interactive film that was handcrafted by the talented artists in Shreveport, LA with 2D animation.

Moonbot Studios Film

I Am A Witness follows the story of a boy named Jack who is constantly bullied online and at school. Once the user intervenes and interacts with the video using the on-screen emoji, Jack’s world is filled with more color, turning a sad day into a happy one. “The only user-interface tool in I Am A Witness is an emoji that changes Jack’s path. That emoji is available for download after the film, and can be used on mobile phones to call out cyber-bullying,” said director Limbert Fabian.

Moonbot decided to use broad, cartoon-like shapes to create distance between the audience and the story about bullying, a raw and emotional subject, explains co-creator Jake Wyatt. “We choose a visual language that created a buffer for some of those feelings while still allowing us to connect to the narrative. We wanted the film to be affecting, but not painful.”